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Mountain Bike! 
The Canadian Rockies

by Ward Cameron

Now in a much larger Second Edition

In a region where temperatures range from -50C to +40C, snow is a year-round occurrence, and high winds, high altitude, and thinning air become problematic. It pays to have the inside scoop on mountain biking the Canadian Rockies. Mountain Bike! The Canadian Rockies will introduce you to the thrill and excitement of Canada's magnificent mountain wilderness, and help you discover its most unforgettable rides.

Mountain Bike! The Canadian Rockies provides detailed information on 108 of the best rides throughout western Canada's Rocky Mountain region, including tours through Banff National Park, Kananaskis Country, Waterton Lakes National Park, Jasper National Park, the southern Rockies and even Cypress Hills Provincial Park. Author Ward Cameron has uncovered a diverse collection of trails that offer something for mountain bikers of all abilities. From monumental single-track ascents to leisurely rides through breathtaking scenery, it it's good riding, it's profiled here!

Each route profile features: 

  • a thorough ride description

  • a detailed trail map

  • helpful sources of information

  • proximity of important services

  • valuable commentary on elevation changes and possible hazards

  • a rescue index

Mountain Bike! The Canadian Rockies also features interesting and entertaining photographs, vivid descriptions of native flora and fauna, a glossary of mountain biking terms, and tips on mountain biking etiquette.

Ward Cameron has worked as a naturalist and historian throughout the Canadian Rockies, bringing the natural and human history of this vast area to life through a combination of speaking programs, interpretive and tour guide services, writing and photography. Let him show you some of the Rockies classic mountain bike rides.


Description Price  
Per Book $22.95 Order Soon
10 or more $20.00