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Let Ward Cameron Enterprises be Your Source For Hiking Guides 

Are you planning a visit to the Rockies? You wouldn’t think about leaving your binoculars and field guides behind, why not hire an expert guide to help make your trip memorable. Ward Cameron Enterprises brings together the top naturalists and historians in the Rockies. We have demonstrated our expertise by creating  the largest online guide to mountain nature at Use us as your source to the best places to find that elusive species.

Why Hire a Hiking Guide?

There is nothing like hiking through a wildflower lined alpine meadow. Let our hiking guides show you mountain wildlife, native pictographs, ancient coral reefs, emerald green lakes, and some of the Rockies most famous panoramas.

Our hiking guides will take you safely to those special places that will leave lasting memories. Let us show you the secret spots and special places that make this area worth protecting.

Nature/Hiking Guide Rates for 2018-19


Cdn $
(per person)

Half Day (max. 4 Hours) Minimum of 5 people, Maximum varies


Full Day,  (max. 8 Hours)       
Minimum of 5 people, Maximum 12/guide


Rates do not include expenses such as van or motorcoach transportation, attraction admission, park fees, escort positioning, meals and hotels

Rates do not include 5% Goods and Service Tax

Summer Wildflower Walks

Each spring, the Rockies come to life with an amazing diversity of wildflowers and other blooming plants. For a few months each year, hikers can wander the high country amidst a cacophony of colour. Join a naturalist on a wildflower hike and learn the secret lives of these amazing plants. How do they survive in such a harsh world? Why are they so brilliantly coloured? Our guides will reveal these and many more secrets.

Wildlife Tours

Anyone can drive through the mountains looking for wildlife. Spotting animals is like gambling in Las Vegas, you throw your dice and take your chances. Traveling through the mountains with an expert naturalist can help improve your chances. Our guides know where mountain goats can be seen on an almost flawless schedule, where grizzlies frequently appear and where bald eagles sit on their enormous nests. Why gamble  when you can stack the deck in your favour.

Our Expert Birders can help you find that elusive new species

Have one of our birders guide you through the Rockies bird watching hot spots. Our spring and fall migration tours help you get the most out of your Rockies excursion.

Watching the Mountains Change

To the uninitiated, the Rockies appear unchanging and timeless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Day by day, they are being altered by the power of wind and water. Our expert guides will teach you how to read the stories hidden within the rocks. Deposited over the millennia, layer upon layer like the pages of a book, they reveal a history of changing climates, rising and falling oceans, and even the origins of life on Earth.

Waterfalls and Canyons

Wander the mountains with an expert guide to learn the secrets of the waterfalls and canyons of the Rockies. Learn the relationship between these natural wonders. Watch for the comical bouncing of the American Dipper as it bounces up and down on the slippery rocks of the fast flowing streams.

Photography Workshops & Hikes

Millions of photographs of the Rockies are taken every year, yet most fail to reflect the magic and majesty of the towering peaks. Join one of our photographers on a journey towards photographic discovery and experimentation. Learn how to use texture, shadow and depth-of-field to maximize your photographic punch. Learn when peak locations are at their photographic best. Bring lots of film and be prepared for a day in the field.